As you can see, in the past year I’ve definitely made some improvements as a writer. You may not be able to see it in these two pictures, but the my earlier post (left) was probably my longest post back then, so you can’t really tell that I didn’t use much paragraphing in other pieces and that my posts have definitely gotten longer. It’s almost funny to see my old posts and see how much my techniques and all of that have changed in my writing.

7th Grade

This week I was asked to reflect on my seventh grade year so far. Well…I don’t really want to do that, so, you know, I won’t. Instead I’m going to say what I want to do with the rest of my year, because, after all, yesterday’s history, tomorrow’s a mystery. But while I enjoy that mystery I do want to do somethings I plan.

1. I want to get my grade up in Math. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bombing Math, but I would like to get that B+ to and A.

2. I want to spend as much time with my friends as I can. I’ve had a lot of fun this year with them, but during the summer, I’m not usually in the, well, country, so… that kinda kills any plans for hanging out.

3. I want to sleep ALOT MORE. I think that speaks for itself…

4. I NEED to clean out my binders. But let’s be honest…that’s probably not gonna happen. Well actually I cou…NOPE! Never mind.

5. I want to do at least one blog post not the day before it’s due. Sorry, Ms. Kriese…But that’s kinda how I’ve been doing things…

6. I want to make some memories that I’ll remember 30 years from now. However, unlikely as that may be, it would be nice.

7. Last one, I promise. I want to have as much fun as I possibly can.

So, although I do, as you just saw, have somethings planned I am looking forward to the things you just can’t plan. In other words, as much as I enjoyed history, the mystery, hopefully, will be just as awesome.

Fly Boarding

For the past week or so my parents have been off galavanting around Spaindong whatever it is you do when you go galavanting around Spain. Meanwhile my cousin, Toni, was taking care of me. But during this time was I just moaping around? No! I was having an AWESOME WEEK!

While my parents were off stomping on grapes in some winery, I was going to new restaurants, going to a movie like every day, and, just being honest, bingeing on How I Met Your Mother. All of this was great! But little did I know that the pinnacle of my no-travel-necessary-vacationesque whatever you call it was just around the corner. The weekend! Or more specifically…Saturday!

I had no premeditations as to what we were going to do this weekend but apparently, Toni did. We were going Flyboarding!

Flyboarding is basically like being on a hover board from Back to the Future exept on water and I imagine WAY MORE FUN! First you put on a wetsuit, life jacket, and helmet. Then you strap yourself to the board and you’re ready to go!

You dive in the water and a fire hose attached to a jet ski feeds water through your board via a fireman’s hose, which pushes you forward and up. And let me tell you something, being up above the water, feels like–well I don’t know what, but I do know that I will never forget it.

Here’s what I did, granted, on a lesser scale:

A Poem I Like

Clooney The Clown

by Shel Silverstein

I’ll tell you the story of Cloony the Clown
Who worked in a circus that came through town.
His shoes were too big and his hat was too small,
But he just wasn’t, just wasn’t funny at all.
He had a trombone to play loud silly tunes,
He had a green dog and a thousand balloons.
He was floppy and sloppy and skinny and tall,
But he just wasn’t, just wasn’t funny at all.
And every time he did a trick,
Everyone felt a little sick.
And every time he told a joke,
Folks sighed as if their hearts were broke.
And every time he lost a shoe,
Everyone looked awfully blue.
And every time he stood on his head,
Everyone screamed, “Go back to bed!”
And every time he made a leap,
Everybody fell asleep.
And every time he ate his tie,
Everyone began to cry.
And Cloony could not make any money
Simply because he was not funny.
One day he said, “I’ll tell this town
How it feels to be an unfunny clown.”
And he told them all why he looked so sad,
And he told them all why he felt so bad.
He told of Pain and Rain and Cold,
He told of Darkness in his soul,
And after he finished his tale of woe,
Did everyone cry? Oh no, no, no,
They laughed until they shook the trees
With “Hah-Hah-Hahs” and “Hee-Hee-Hees.”
They laughed with howls and yowls and shrieks,
They laughed all day, they laughed all week,
They laughed until they had a fit,
They laughed until their jackets split.
The laughter spread for miles around
To every city, every town,
Over mountains, ‘cross the sea,
From Saint Tropez to Mun San Nee.
And soon the whole world rang with laughter,
Lasting till forever after,
While Cloony stood in the circus tent,
With his head drooped low and his shoulders bent.
And while the world laughed outside.
Cloony the Clown sat down and cried.

So I haven’t really read much poetry in my life, so when I was tasked with the assignment of finding a poem I enjoyed I just didn’t know what to look for! Then, however, I stumbled upon this Shel Silverstein poem I was grateful I found a poem I actually liked.

I liked a lot of things about this poem, but the thing I liked most was the way it rhymed and the overall cadence of how it is written. I laughed, I cried…It is the poem of the year.

Blogging Challenge: Memory with Media

As the topic came up of a childhood toy or object you loved as a kid I was kind of excited to write about something like that. Then, however, I realized I COULDN’T THINK OF ANYTHING! I was racking my brain trying to think of something–anything–I could write about and still stay truthful to the prompt, and then, it hit me! or, rather, my parents told me after I asked them. Now, before I say it, let me just clear something up. It wasn’t nerdy! Well, maybe a little but that’s besides the point. My toy was Yu-Gi-Oh Cards!

As a little kid my favorite show would have to have been YU-Gi-Oh. It was such an awesome show! It was about this card game, with secret magical power and history, made by a mysterious developer. The game was played with cards that, when played, would send out monsters to fight battles. The characters would go on cool adventures and beat bad guys, and let’s be honest, no six year old kid could resist that!

I was content and happy with the show until one faithful day when my little mind was blown by an advertisement, the day I found out you could be the one with the cards. As soon as the announcer had said his last syllable, I was basically already pushing my mom out the door so we could go buy what would be my obsession for the next few years of my life. From the first day on that I had the Yu-Gi-Oh cards, I couldn’t set them down. I had stashes of cards in my parent’s room, my room, and just about everywhere else. Basically every waking moment was spent on learning all of the rules of the game, building strategies, and building the “most bestest deck in the whole world”. With the cards, I felt like I was one of the heroes I loved so much from the show, I felt like I was the coolest ankle biter on the block. I felt happy.

Today whenever I see a kid playing with the same cards I had not too long ago, I look at them with a fond recollection. I remember the days I spent perfecting decks upon decks. I remember the months I spent working out the best strategies and learning new ones from the show. But most of all, I remember the years of laughter and smiles on my face when I had a set of Yu-Gi-Oh cards in my hand.

Top Five Apps in the History of Me

In our modern world filled with robots and computers we are surrounded by technology; with this technology comes apps. Apps are programs written to help and entertain us in day-to-day life. This is about my Top Five Apps.

1. Instagram- Instagram is a social media app created in 2010 that revolutionized the way we communicate. Not only does this app make you feel like a professional photographer with it’s cool filters! but it offers a cool new way to express yourself and communicate with your friends!

2. Ifunny- Whenever I’m bored, which seems to happen more often than it should one of the first things I seem to do is go on my phone to something I know will entertain me. Ifunny! It’s basically a library of creative and funny minds with one purpose, to make you laugh!

3. Netflix-I started watching Netflix when all of my friends told me that I should start watching some shows like Dr. Who and Sherlock. When I tried to find these shows I couldn’t find anywhere but Netflix! Now, I have expanded my Netflix playlist and have come to the only possible conclusion, Netflix is awesome!

4. Vine- Vine, I think, is probably the most opened app on the mess that is my phone. If I’m lying awake in bed, what do I do? Watch Vine. If I’m on a long rode trip, what do I do? Watch Vine. Basically, I watch a lot of Vine. It’s that cool!

5. Kindle- Okay, I can’t even tell you how many times a goblin stole my shoe much less how many times my Kindle was taken by one; with the kindle app however I don’t have to. The Kindle app lets me access my whole personal library anywhere and anytime as long as I have a device on me; which, let’s face it, in our world isn’t very likely. If you have a Kindle, and do not have this app, I highly recommended it!

So, in conclusion, you may think you have the best apps and the coolest trends on your phone, but let’s be honest, compared to these freakin’ fantastic apps you don’t have squat; but if you’re planning on getting these apps, I guess that’s okay…for now.

Favorite Place in Austin

My favorite place makes me feel like a true Austinite. My favorite place makes me feel healthy and alive. My favorite place will unwind anyone who’s had a stressful day, or it just might get your heart beating a million miles a minute if you do it right. Now, as to what my favorite place is, it’s obvious. It’s the beautiful and majestic Lake Austin!

The first reason I love Lake Austin is because the abundant amount of activities you can do there. For example, if you’re looking for something exhilarating, you can surf the wake of a boat or jump and glide your heart out on a wakeboard. If you want to explore the nooks and crannies hidden throughout the lake you could rent a kayak and lone the adventure or hop in a canoe and paddle away with your friends and family! Or, you could just relax and cruise around in a boat, enjoying a perfect day in a perfect place.

Now, sure, if you’re cruising around a lake in a boat it’s fun; but, if you cruise around a lake with scenery like Lake Austin has, then it’s an experience! Besides having the clear Austin sky above you, the iconic image of Pennybacker bridge is right in front of your very eyes, connecting two walls of stone, patterned to match the waves. Also, if you travel a little farther down the river you can see the boat houses adorning the sides of the rivers, as all of the residents shout out and laugh it gives you real sense of home before you end your day.

So in conclusion, whether you’re a local familiar to the wonder, or a visitor enjoying something new, you will want to get come back to the place you can race or relax. To the place you cruise or snooze. Whoever you are, you will want to go back to my favorite place , Lake Austin!

Phantom’s Lair

I walk into the chamber so very far below the warmth and light of the upper realm. No light is touching the menacing, obsidian walls except for the feeble light of the candle I so carefully shield from the whispers of lost souls oozing out of the shattered cobblestone floor.

A chill creeps slowly down my spine, as if a cold, dark, not quite physical hand was creepily caressing the back of my neck. I slowly turned around as the pure fear coursed through my veins.

No one was there.

How did I find myself in this dungeon of despair, this monstrosity of a manor in the first place? I had tried to control my curiosity of the legends. The legends of the Mask, The Woman, and the Night. But I could not. As this thought got itself entangled with the rest of my timidly fearful thoughts, I crept further and further into the bowels of what I could only assume was the hell in which all  “monsters under the bed” resided.

I found myself in a corner where the air seemed to be as thin as paper, cold, dry paper. I looked wearily to my feet where a mask was lying in a twisted bed of cobweb. The mask…oh the mask, horrifying to even describe. It was a mask that could only have been worn by a beast, a beast without compassion or light anywhere inside his murderous body. Yes, this was a mask left behind by what could only have been the ruler of this hell. No, it was worse…it was fear, it was darkness.

I have to get out of here. But it’s too late, for I can already feel Fear grabbing my ankle, pulling me down into the Underworld, where I shall never see the light of day, or the warmth of sunshine again.

There will only be…It.

A Second in the Ocean

Just a scene I remember from a trip to Brazil…


Lying on a surfboard in a seemingly endless ocean, waiting for a wave, rain sprinkling on my nose.

Total peace.

Small waves carrying small fish towards the big coastline, droplets of rain making the water bounce.

Total peace.

A breath in, a breath out…. A wave!

No more peace. Only Excitement.

Why I Love Lacrosse

A pristine turf field. Completely peaceful. Until it’s not. Just two teams and two goals. Twenty people and twenty cleats. Many spirits, one hope. I love lacrosse.

First of all, I have never, in contrast to my parent’s beliefs, excelled at anything in sports. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not terrible I’m just not at the level the “true athletes” are. I’ve never been the fastest, I’ve never been the strongest; and sometimes it can get to you. But on the lacrosse field I can leave that all behind. There is a position for everybody. If you are big, defense might be good for you. If you are fast maybe a mid-fielder is the way to go. But it really all depends on the person. Combine that with a little hard work and you might just get called a “true athlete” yourself and come to love lacrosse like I do.

Secondly, I– well– I don’t really know how to explain it. Whenever I’m on the turf running suicides and passing drills, sweat dripping off my nose right along side my team, I feel– I feel alive. It may have something to do with the adrenaline or maybe the sense of tight-nittedness. Who can really tell. I know I can’t. But that sensation, that feeling, that mindset, is another reason I love lacrosse.

All in all,  wether your big, small, fast, or sluggish I’m sure that we can find a place for you on a team. Maybe you’ll never be called a “true athlete” but I can almost guarantee you that if you put something into it you’ll get something out of it; you’ll feel alive. And maybe–just maybe– you’ll feel the same way about it I do.

Now tell me, do you have a sport that you really, really like? Tell me in the comments.